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Corgi Registration No. 44548

TEL/FAX 01332 775554 & 01332 294444


Q. Who are Gas Services Derby?

A. Gas Services Derby are part of the J.R. Godfrey Group. We have been in business in Derby for over two decades, engaged in the plumbing heating and gas industry.

Q. Why change your name?

A. J.R. Godfrey still exists, but it was felt that we needed to keep pace with the times. People use the internet more for their services, so we are meeting that need.

Q. How do I know I can trust you?

A. Sadly this question has to be asked these days. We have all seen the "cowboy" element at work on the T.V. We are not a here today gone tomorrow organisation, we have been in business in Derby for over 20 years, and have thousands of satisfied customers who return year after year. Most of our work comes from personal recommendation, and we pride ourselves on giving good service for a fair price. Our engineers are highly qualified and continually kept up to date, and we use the latest equipment to ensure that your appliances are as safe and efficient as they can be. All our engineers are Corgi registered as required by law, and carry identity cards.

Q. How much does a service cost?

A. There are many types of gas appliance in peoples homes, and many varied arrangements. It is impossible to give a fixed price as cost will depend on the type and number of appliances to be serviced at the property. We do give discounts for additional appliances in the same property. If you book online we will notify you of the cost when we confirm your service date and time. Only when you are happy and request the service, is the date booked. You may cancel at any time up to 12 hours before this date.

Q. Why can't you give me an exact time of the day when you will call?

A. We will give you an approximate time, but it is very difficult to give an exact time. Sometimes problems arise which may delay your engineer, not least of which these days is traffic congestion, as you will know from experience. We do however manage to keep all appointments except in exceptional circumstances, when we would contact you as early as possible to notify you of the situation.

Q. What areas of Derby do you cover?

A. We cover all the Derby area and a 15 mile radius of the City. We cover parts of Staffordshire & Nottinghamshire also. Please ask if in doubt.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. You can contact us on Derby 01332 775554 & 01332 294444 or by e-mail by clicking on the e-mail button below. To book a service/repair you should go back to the main page and select the service you require.


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